Domina Octavia  verifies any client that wishes to session at her private Harrisburg location.  In order to be verified you must send a $100-$150 deposit and arrange an in person meeting at a vanilla location. Coffee shops and restaurants are acceptable vanilla meeting places. You will be expected to purchase the Domina’s meal or drink respectively. During your meeting the Domina will ask questions about your experience and fantasies, as well as any limits or medical issues you may have.  If it is decided that you are compatible with the Domina a date will be chosen for the first session and your deposit will be put towards the cost.


What if I am not compatible with the Domina? 

If for any reason it is decided that you are incompatible with the Domina then your deposit will be forfeit to compensate her for the time spent interviewing you as a consultation fee. 


Why would the Domina refuse service?

The Domina rarely refuses service, however, she may refuse service for the following reasons.

  1. She does not offer  the service you have requested. This should be determined BEFORE your verification meeting. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that the Domina offers the service you intend to request beforehand.

  2. You have given her reason to believe that you would not be a safe, respectful play partner. The Domina Verifies her clients in order to ensure the safety and satisfaction of both parties. If for any reason you cause her to believe that you cannot be trusted with her safety, you will be refused service.

  3. You have a medical condition that would make the strain of play unsafe. The Domina will not endanger your life simply because you wish to ignore a concerning medical condition. 

The Domina reserves the right to refuse or revoke service at any time. 


What if I have to reschedule?

If you contact the Domina a minimum of 7 days before your meeting to reschedule you will be allowed to put your deposit towards another date. If you contact the Domina within less than 7 days before your meeting the Deposit will be forfeit and you will be required to make another deposit in order to arrange a meeting on a different date.

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